Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

The quick answer is…of course it is! The better question is: Pet owners, why haven’t you switched your natural grass for artificial grass? There are countless reasons to install pet-friendly artificial grass if you live in California, and here are some of them:

Does your pet do its “business” inside your house or apartment?

If you’re tired of picking up your pet’s ”gifts” all over the house, synthetic grass is the remedy that will put your mind at ease. Many of our customers assume that because they have small or no yard space, they’ll have to give up the idea of having a green area for their pets. It couldn’t be further from the truth; unlike natural grass, artificial turf can be placed on any surface.

What about odors?

Odors? What odors? Synthetic grass is easily cleaned with a simple garden hose and plenty of water. There’s no need to worry about puddles because its drainage system prevents them from occurring. And in case you’re concerned about your large pet’s “bathroom” needs, Better Than Real Grass has the perfect product for you. Envirofill 16/30 Green is a green-colored infill that uses Microban technology to reduce pet urine odors. It’s ideal for artificial grass lawns, dog runs, and playgrounds and can be used indoors as well.

What is the best synthetic grass product for a large pet?

Better than Real Grass has synthetic turf that handles pet wear and tear that natural grass would never withstand. Big, playful dogs are used to digging, chewing, rolling, and biting the ground, but the pet-friendly artificial grass we sell in San Rafael, San Francisco, or Oakland, California, will solve your big-dog challenges before you can say “Bow-wow.”

  • It resists wear and tear and rough play, thanks to its artificial fibers
  • If your pet is particularly destructive, you can easily cut a piece of turf and place a patch that will never be noticed.

Benefits of synthetic grass for pets

Synthetic grass is not only an excellent investment for you, but it also offers benefits to your pets.

  • Since it´s an inorganic and moisture-resistant surface, fake grass won’t attract insects.
  • Artificial grass prevents bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms that irritate your pets’ skin and coat.
  • Its fibers promote comfort and an overall feeling of well-being, so your pets will be relaxed and happy.
  • Its thermal conductivity is extremely low, so it doesn´t generate heat and won’t cause friction burns when pets are playing on the surface.

For these and many other reasons, Better Than Real Grass’ synthetic grass is your best option if you have pets. Please don’t hesitate to call us; we are experts in installing pet-friendly artificial grass in California.

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