How to Take Care of Your  Artificial Turf Putting Green

How to Take Care of Your Artificial Turf Putting Green

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for people who want a lush green area around their home but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance. It’s important to note: even though artificial turf owners don’t have to take care of their “grass” in the traditional sense, there are still some responsibilities to keep it looking as great as the day you installed it. But there’s no question; synthetic grass is much easier to maintain than organic grass.

Occasional maintenance is even more necessary if you have an artificial putting green installed on your property. Taking the right steps to make sure that your putting green is in tip-top shape can make a big difference and can even improve your golf game!

Maintaining artificial turf is not complicated at all. Here are three easy steps you can do to clean the synthetic grass on your putting green to keep it looking great for years to come:

Maintenance Steps

  1. Remove all debris

Survey your artificial grass putting green frequently to ensure there is no unwanted trash or debris. Fallen leaves, branches, old newspapers, animal droppings, and even garbage that has blown in the wind should all be removed.  If you pick things up as you see them, the job will never be too large and overwhelming, so try to make it part of your weekly routine. You can even assign your kids to help out!

  1. Wash the artificial turf

Once you have removed all trash and debris, use a hose to spray your putting green with water. Use the stream of water to push all the dust, mini-debris, and dirt to one area (ideally toward a drainage area of any kind). This step will remove all the excess dirt that’s stuck within the individual blades of grass.

  1. Use a power broom or rake

If you begin to notice areas on your synthetic grass putting green are become flat due to foot traffic, you can use a   or rake to lift the blades and refresh their appearance. For additional assistance on rejuvenating flattened artificial turf, contact Better Than Real Grass for helpful tips and advice.

Maintenance Tips

Not all artificial turf will remain in the same condition once it’s installed on your property. Weather conditions in San Jose are different than weather conditions in other parts of California. These climatic differences can affect your artificial turf putting green and the type of maintenance it will require. If your artificial turf needs extra care, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Brush material: The material of the broom, vacuum, brush, or rake makes a difference. A metallic brush or rake tends to damage the artificial turf more than plastic ones. Regardless of the overall design, make sure the parts touching the synthetic grass putting green is made of plastic.
  • Inspect the infill: Infill is the flexible material underneath the turf with a nice feel under the feet and helps artificial grass stand up straight. It also gives a springy effect to the grass, which allows the golfballs to bounce as if they were on real grass. Check the infill regularly (at least once a month) to ensure the grass quality. If you’re not sure how to check it, call Better Than Real Grass to learn how. It’s easy! 
  • Maintain the hose at a proper distance: Believe it or not, the distance between the hose and the putting green grass does matter. If you hold the hose too close, it can destroy the artificial turf over time. A distance of 8-10 feet between the hose and the grass is ideal. Not too close, but not too far, either.

Although cleaning an artificial turf putting green isn’t difficult, it’s still a task that should be taken seriously. If performed carelessly, it doesn’t matter what kind of grass you have — even the real type — will get damaged. If you clean it right, your artificial grass putting green will last longer.

Better Than Real Grass sells top-quality artificial grass in California and neighboring areas. We’re not only distributors, we’re also installers! If you want to purchase materials for synthetic putting greens, contact the experts at Better Than Real Grass today.