Synthetic Grass Stores near Me: Wholesale and for Contractors

Creating the perfect look for working space is always an extra challenge, considering the amount of space and cost needed to do it. For contractors who want a hassle-free experience adding an extra touch of greeneries to their working space, purchasing synthetic grass from qualified distributors is the best solution.

Grass for Contractors: Artificial Grass vs. Organic Grass

As contractors, many perspectives need to be considered in terms of purchasing grass, including expense, durability, maintenance, and if the lawn is suitable for children and pets.

In this article, we will compare artificial and organic grass.

1. Expense

Compared to organic grass, synthetic grass requires little maintenance, which reduces expenses.

2. Durability

Synthetic grass lasts a long time, thanks to the durability of its material. If it is regularly tended, artificial grass can last up to 10 years or more. In contrast, the lifespan of organic grass is unpredictable because it depends heavily on maintenance, water, and weather conditions.

3. Maintenance

Artificial grass needs maintenance every one or two months, and even then, the maintenance is easy to perform.

4. Great for children and pets

Both artificial and natural grass are suitable for pets and children, but artificial grass may be better for the following reasons:

  1. It’s easier to clean up animal waste
  2. It doesn’t attract bugs or animals that can cause allergies in children
  3. It doesn’t accumulate water
  4. Will not cause dirt inside the house

Which synthetic grass wholesale should contractors pick?

To ensure a quality and quick working process, contractors must watch certain aspects from the distributors.

First, it’s best to work with artificial grass wholesalers in the same region as where you do most of your jobs. For example, if you work in California, you should contact a distributor from your area, such as Better Than Real Artificial Grass.

Second, is how far the distributor can meet the contractor’s needs. The needs are reasonable price and durable product.

Third, consider the service that artificial grass wholesaler offers. The wholesaler should offer commercial service and give the necessary advice so that expectations are met regarding the products being sold.

Getting it all from one supplier

Better Than Real Artificial Grass is an artificial grass wholesale located in California. We offer service for both private and commercial use.

We work directly with private homeowners, architects, developers, garden designers, landscapers, and of course, contractors. Contractors do not have to order in bulk and can get a free estimate and consultations.

If you would like to add a touch of green to your company, contact us on our website to get a quote, or call us on (415) 456-2169 now.

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