Is it a good idea to install Artificial Grass around a pool?

What could be better than cooling off in a swimming pool during a scorching hot day?

Swimming in a pool surrounded by beautiful green artificial grass. Of course, aside from the aesthetics, there are additional benefits to installing artificial grass around the pool. The most obvious one: You’ll enjoy a lot more time in the pool if you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn!

Here are some other great reasons:

It’s neat and attractive

Artificial grass provides lush and orderly scenery around the pool. You won’t have to worry about unsightly weeds since the synthetic grass covers the ground and prevents them from growing.

It has excellent drainage

Puddles are pool owners’ biggest enemies. They tend to form in soaked grassy areas where wet swimmers come out of the pool dripping water wherever they walk. Puddles around pools are often muddy, grassy, messy, and, most importantly, unsafe.

Fret not, synthetic grass to the rescue! Artificial turf does a great job of handling puddles due to its permeable and porous nature. When a swimmer makes a puddle, it will drain away quickly underneath the turf.

It’s safe

Another benefit of synthetic grass installation around the pool is the safe environment it creates. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass isn’t slippery. In fact, it provides extra traction, so there’s much less chance of slips, trips, and other accidents happening.

It’s chemical-free

Natural organic grass requires regular care, including the application of pesticides. Although pesticides help rid the grass from unwanted insects, their chemical compounds can also harm the surrounding grass (not to mention the dangerous chemicals that could spray into the pool water).

Real grass requires fertilizers to keep it looking green and healthy. While these chemicals won’t harm your grass, they could inadvertently spray into your pool water.

If you have artificial grass for your swimming pool, there will be no need to spray pesticides or fertilizers. Synthetic turf is chemical-free; it’s clean and safe from poisonous ingredients that can harm your children or pets.

It’s low maintenance

The reason you have a pool in the first place is to enjoy it. The less time you spend mowing the lawn, trimming overgrowth, pulling weeds, and spraying fertilizers and pesticides, the more time you can spend swimming in your pool!

It’s easy to install

When you use high-quality materials for your DIY artificial grass installation, everything becomes more manageable. When you hire Better Than Real Grass to do the installation for you, life becomes a dream.

Artificial grass adds a neat, clean touch of beauty to your property. Its bright green color is perfect for homes with swimming pools because it offsets the blue water in a spectacular way.

If you want your pool and backyard to look fantastic, we have the solution for you. We sell synthetic grass materials in Santa Rosa, California, and neighboring areas. Better Than Real Grass offers a wide variety of artificial grass for sale and services for synthetic grass installation. Swimming pool installations are among our specialties.

We provide free estimates for our potential customers. Call Better Than Real Grass right now to get a price quote. You’re just a phone call away from perfect pool views!

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