Artificial Grass for pets at home: backyard, garden, and open spaces

For most people, pets are more than “just pets.” Pets are members of the family! That’s why it’s normal for pet owners to want the best things for their four-legged friends, including safe and healthy outdoor space to play in. A backyard with artificial grass is an excellent way to provide hours of frolicking fun for Fido or Fluffy.

Better Than Real Grass has created this brief guide for pet owners who are thinking of installing synthetic grass on their properties.

Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for homeowners who want beautiful outdoor space that’s also safe for their pets. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to consider synthetic grass if you have pets is because it’s chemical-free and doesn’t need to be sprayed with harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Artificial grass is also low maintenance; clean off the dust with a hose (rainwater helps too!) and suck out the dirt with a power broom every couple of months. If you notice a particular area of the grass getting flat because of foot traffic, use a rake or your power broom to lift the blades back to their original fresh state. And if Buddy makes a little mess, just pick it up and sponge the spot with some soap and water.

Picking the Best Artificial Grass

To get the best synthetic grass for your dog-run, here are some things to consider:

Odor Control

Check the turf’s condition to ensure the grass allows for proper cleaning. Hose water and rainwater should not remain puddled on the surface of the synthetic grass; it must be able to flow easily and drain well to avoid unpleasant odors.

Infill Quality

Infill is the “ground” of the grass. It usually consists of two layers: the outer infill (“stones”) and the inner infill (“ground”).

The type of infill you choose can make a big difference in your pet’s comfort, as some of them help keep the grass relatively cool. You can also select infill with an anti-microbial layer that makes it even safer for your pet’s outdoor playtime.

Materials Quality

Your synthetic grass’s material quality is probably the most important aspect every pet owner needs to consider. Rough and stiff materials will make your pet uncomfortable and could even injure them. Ensure the artificial grass you purchase is tough enough to maintain its shape and soft enough for your pets to roam around comfortably.

Get the Best Turf for Your Beloved Pets

Once you’ve decided to get the best synthetic grass for a dog run, you’ll need to determine how to install it to give your dogs the running space they need.

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