Artificial grass for sport fields

The grass is one of the essential things in everything related to sports. The grass is used commonly in sports where players are in constant movement, providing a lot of advantages to them, like to be a comfortable and safe surface at the moment of playing a sport. But, the natural grass can be easily affected by a lot of issues, some are maintenance related, and some are out of the control of people, like the weather.  If one of these inconvenient shows up, it would be an obstacle to the players good performance, regardless the type of sport.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are aware of all the problems that cause the bad shape of natural grass, therefore we provide the best solution, our artificial grass for sport field is one of the best options because it avoids all the inconvenient that might affect the performing of the sport, but also provides a lot of advantages in everything related to the daily care of it. Our synthetic grasses are made of the best materials. Our product is one of the best and guarantees resistance and quality, so you don’t have to worry too much with the maintenance of the synthetic grass.

Some sports that are benefited by the use of synthetic grass

The synthetic grass that we provide in Better Than Real Artificial Gras has a lot of advantages for the athletes, that at the moment of performing the sport will not realize that they are playing on it. There are a lot of sports that can benefit from the use of our product, some of the most common are: tennis, badminton, baseball, football, soccer and rugby. We are listing some of the benefits that the synthetic grass provides to sports fields:

  • Safe for the movements of players: like running, turning, jumping and sliding; the grass provide a cushions that helps the joints, and also protect player when they fall. In almost every sport, the bad condition of the natural grass affect the performance and safety of the players, but on the other hand, with the artificial grass there is not need to worry about that kind of issues.
  • Not affected by weather conditions: The artificial grass avoids most of the  problems related to the weather, it is possible to play with the rain and does not allow the creation of pools, unlike the natural grass.
  • Resistance to the constant transit of players: In almost every sport the running is constant, therefore, it is common to see holes in the ground and bald spots, but in the case of our artificial grass, that won’t happen because of its remarkable resistance.
  • Bouncing: In sports that require the use of a ball, the ball’s bouncing will be natural and won’t provoke weird effects.
  • Safety and comfortableness: Fake grass is very safe for the players and at the moment of running is better than the natural grass.

These are only some of the advantage that provides our grass for the sports,  without mention all the obvious advantages that provide the use of artificial grass, like no watering and low maintenance cost.

Better than Real Grass is a company with wide experience in everything related to the synthetic grass. We provide the best installation with our well experienced crews and high-quality products. We invite you to contact us if you need a budget or information about our services, remember that we provide our services in the north Bay Area region, in counties like Alameda, Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco and more.

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