Is artificial grass fire resistant? information you should know

Is artificial grass fire resistant? information you should know

Have you ever wondered if artificial turf is flammable or fire-resistant? The answer could be a deciding factor when deciding on an artificial turf installation for your garden, pool, or terrace.

We’re pleased to inform you the answer is yes! Better Than Real Artificial Grass artificial grass is fire resistant, making it an ideal and safe surface for your home. In case of fire, our artificial grass will not ignite or spread the flames.

Things to Know About Synthetic Grass and Fire

Even though artificial turf won’t catch fire, it’s still made of synthetic materials, which, exposed to high temperatures, can melt. Embers from barbecues or cigarette butts can also melt the fibers of your artificial grass.

What Is the Magnifying Glass Effect on Artificial Turf?

Another factor to consider is the “magnifying glass effect,” which occurs when the sun reflects off certain glass surfaces, items made of polycarbonate, inflatable mattresses, or pool toys, causing temperatures to soar to 100°C or more.

How Does the Magnifying Glass Effect Work?

Perhaps you remember a childhood science class when your teacher showed you how to burn paper with a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass focused on a particular object intensifies the sun’s rays. A geometric effect collects the diffused light from the sun and focuses it into a single beam with linearly polarized light. This beam is powerful and extremely hot; depending on the magnifying glass’s size, it can even burn wood.

So, how does this affect your artificial turf? Well, a magnifying glass isn’t the only object that can create this ultraviolet magnification; any translucent object can have the same effect as a magnifying lens. Here is a list of household items commonly found around artificial turf installations that can cause the magnifying glass effect:

  • Glass or glass-topped tables
  • Translucent inflatable mattresses or pool toys
  • Bottles, glasses, jars, and other glass objects
  • Metal objects

It’s advisable to remove these objects from the artificial turf installation area or place them in the shade. That’s the best way to reduce potential damage to the turf and harm to human beings.

Fire Will Not Spread on Our Artificial Grass

Although Better Than Artificial Grass synthetic turf melts, it doesn´t act as fuel; therefore, a fire will not spread when in contact with the artificial turf. It will, however, ruin it partially or entirely, depending on the intensity of the flames and how long they’re in contact with the artificial turf fibers.

Once the fire is under control, you’ll need to assess the damage and replace the affected area. After all, don’t you want your artificial grass to look neat and well-maintained?

Cheap Artificial Grass Can Catch on Fire

It’s important to note that only the highest quality synthetic grass will not catch on fire. Cheap synthetic grass products of dubious manufacturing origins can be dangerous because they don´t comply with rigorous standards that guarantee a safe product.

Recommendations to Avoid Fire Accidents on Artificial Grass

  1. Sprinkle water in the areas near barbecues
  2. Remove glass or metal objects
  3. Avoid the use of glass top tables
  4. Be careful with transparent inflatable mattresses or pool toys
  5. When decorating with candles or torches, sprinkle water in the area
  6. Designate a smoking area away from artificial grass

Better Than Real Grass can solve your lawn problems!

We install, distribute, and supply the best artificial grass in California, and we have the ideal solution for your project or vision. Contact us today; we’ll be happy to provide all the advice you need regarding synthetic grass.

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