Is artificial grass fire resistant? information you should know

Have you ever wondered whether artificial turf is flammable or fire-resistant? This could be a crucial consideration when contemplating an artificial grass installation for your garden, pool, or terrace.

We’re thrilled to confirm that the answer is yes! Better Than Real Artificial Grass’s artificial grass is fire-resistant, making it an ideal and safe surface for your home. In the event of a fire, our artificial grass will not ignite or facilitate the spread of flames.

Key Points About Synthetic Grass and Fire

While artificial turf itself won’t catch fire, it’s important to note that it’s composed of synthetic materials which, when exposed to high temperatures, can melt. Embers from barbecues or discarded cigarette butts can also cause the fibers of your artificial grass to melt.

Understanding the Magnifying Glass Effect on Artificial Turf

Another factor to consider is the “magnifying glass effect,” which occurs when sunlight reflects off certain surfaces such as glass, polycarbonate items, inflatable mattresses, or pool toys, leading to temperatures rising to 100°C or higher.

How Does the Magnifying Glass Effect Work?

You might recall from a childhood science class the demonstration of burning paper with a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass focuses sunlight onto a specific spot, intensifying its rays. This effect concentrates diffused sunlight into a single beam with linearly polarized light, which can be powerful enough to ignite wood, depending on the size of the magnifying glass.

So, how does this relate to artificial turf? While a magnifying glass isn’t the only object capable of causing this ultraviolet magnification, any translucent item can have a similar effect.

Here’s a list of common household items found around artificial turf installations that can contribute to the magnifying glass effect:

  • Glass or glass-topped tables
  • Translucent inflatable mattresses or pool toys
  • Bottles, glasses, jars, and other glass objects
  • Metal items

It’s advisable to either remove these objects from the artificial turf area or place them in shaded areas to reduce the risk of damage to the turf and potential harm to individuals.

Fire Won’t Spread on Our Artificial Grass

Although synthetic turf from Better Than Real Artificial Grass may melt, it does not serve as fuel. Therefore, a fire will not spread upon contact with the artificial turf. However, it may cause partial or complete damage to the turf, depending on the intensity and duration of the flames.

After extinguishing the fire, it’s essential to assess the damage and replace the affected area to maintain the neat and well-maintained appearance of your artificial grass.

Fire Won't Spread on Our Artificial Grass

Preventive Measures to Avoid Fire Accidents on Artificial Grass

  • Sprinkle water around barbecue areas
  • Remove glass or metal objects
  • Avoid using glass-topped tables
  • Exercise caution with translucent inflatable mattresses or pool toys
  • When using candles or torches for decoration, ensure water is sprinkled in the vicinity
  • Designate a smoking area away from artificial grass

Better Than Real Grass is your solution to lawn problems! We specialize in installing, distributing, and supplying the finest artificial grass in California. Contact us today; we’re delighted to offer guidance on your synthetic grass project.