Why Install Artificial Grass in Playground Areas?

The safety, security, and well-being of children should be a priority for everyone. Whether they’re our own kids or our neighbors’, nothing is more important than ensuring the places where they play outdoors are safe. That’s where artificial grass comes in.

Synthetic grass offers several advantages that make it the ideal playground flooring.  It´s suitable for cushioning children’s falls, it´s nontoxic, hygienic, and can be cleaned with water, and children can play freely without fear of getting dirty with grass or dirt.

A good synthetic grass, like the kind we have at Better Than Real Grass, is strong and can withstand the constant foot traffic of children playing and running around. It’s also easily able to support the weight of swings, bikes, and other play equipment without breaking. It’s also flexible for covering any surface, regardless of the slope or previous surface.

Seven Reasons to Choose Synthetic Grass for Kindergartens

  1. It´s green 365 days a year and looks so natural that children will think they’re playing on real grass.
  2. It´s anti-shock, hygienic, and non-slip, making it a safe space for children’s recreational activities.
  3. It´s cleaner than natural grass. Children can play without getting dirty even a few minutes after the rain has stopped.
  4. It’s cushioned to provide an additional measure of safety to possible falls.
  5. It’s insect and vermin-free.
  6. It’s not as slippery and dangerous as natural grass when it’s wet.
  7. It´s pleasing to the eye.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass in Playgrounds

Synthetic grass is rapidly replacing natural grass in playgrounds, due to several reasons:

  • Safe foundation. According to statistics, 79% of playground injuries are the result of falls. However, the synthetic grass created for playgrounds is made of soft and tolerant polyethylene. This blend produces a protected surface that tends to be safer than natural grass, sand, and wood flooring.
  • Maintenance-free. Artificial grass for playgrounds is created with durability in mind, which means the area will be able to withstand heat, environmental contamination, and damages caused by children’s rough play.
  • Visually appealing. Artificial grass in playgrounds is visually appealing and improves the appearance of play areas. Synthetic grass feels and looks like natural grass.

Where do you sell or install this grass?

If you are looking for an artificial grass contractor to create your green playground or an installation service in Los Altos, or in Santa Clara County, California, your best bet is Better Than Real Grass. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to give you the advice you need. Artificial synthetic grass is a wonderful product for a wide range of applications. Revamp your playground areas and install the best synthetic grass in California!

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