Outdoor Artificial Grass Installation: Gardens and Sidewalks

What is synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass imitates, with the purpose of replacing, natural grass. Traditionally, it’s mainly been used in sports fields, stadiums, playing courts, and commercial areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, and stores. Nowadays the market is focusing much more on residential landscaped areas. Backyards, entrance sidewalks, or a beautiful patio that will always look green, are the priorities for homeowners who understand the most economical, beautiful, and environmentally responsible choice is to install synthetic grass in common areas.

Here are some advantages of fake grass over natural grass:

  • It stands up to rough use for longer periods of time and is resistant to the damaging effects of harsh weather conditions.
  • It never requires watering or mowing.
  • It can be installed indoors, since sunlight isn’t required to keep it looking green and healthy.
  • It will look freshly cut and orderly, all year round.

Synthetic grass or artificial turf is also ideal for use in enclosed commercial enclosed spaces, such as mall planters, indoor and outdoor green areas, public plazas, and in front of department stores. The Better Than Real Grass team of professional artificial grass landscape contractors in California assures a well-executed and guaranteed installation. We maintain constant communication with our clients to provide the best service possible.

Better Than Real Grass is one of the main suppliers and installers of artificial grass products in the beautiful state of California. We are dedicated sales and installation pros, specializing in sports facilities, residential areas, green projects, and commercial venues. We offer our artificial grass for garden services in Burlingame, Saratoga, and Palo Alto as well as other parts of California.

We invite you to learn more about synthetic grass and to see some installations done by Better Than Real Grass. Contact us to beautify your home, street, business, or kids’ playground with green, everlasting artificial grass. Get in touch with us today!

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