Best time of the year to carry out your artificial grass project

Luckily, Southern California has great weather throughout the year. Every season includes sunny days and little rain, which makes installing artificial grass an easy project to undertake at your convenience. The final decision about when to carry out this project depends on you, but whether you’re planning a few days in advance or several months ahead, you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule, no problem.

Suppose you’re planning backyard or front yard renovations that include artificial grass. In that case, getting an estimate and setting your project deadline is best so the grass installation company can execute the project promptly and within your budget. Good planning and organization will ensure your lawn is ready to enjoy in no time.

Whether you’re planning in the winter to create and renovate an outdoor space for the upcoming summer or want to make changes in the fall to begin customizing your home for the holiday seasons, artificial grass projects can be executed at any time of the year in Southern California. Every season in California has its benefits for this type of project.


Winters in Southern California have some rain, but the weather is typically dry and just starting to cool off. While installing artificial grass during the winter months is possible, you need to consider the potential for storms and do your best to avoid them during this season. Rainy days might affect the installation slightly, but the experts at Better Than Real Grass will know what to recommend to avoid any issues related to excess water.


Even though late spring tends to have a lot of rain, it doesn’t usually linger for too long, and the dryer, warmer weather starts to settle in quite quickly. In early spring, cool weather is more common and allows us to prepare your yard for the upcoming summer months, so it’s ready to enjoy. Overall, springtime offers near-perfect installation conditions and promotes quicker artificial grass acclimation, allowing the natural grass to flatten.


Warm summer months are ideal for artificial grass installations. When the artificial grass is warm, it’s more malleable on the ground’s surface, allowing the natural grass underneath to flatten itself quicker. Longer summer days provide more time to work during the day, thus speeding up the course of the project.


California’s dry and warm fall months are also acceptable for installing and acclimating artificial grass. The fall installation process is similar to that of the summer because there isn’t much difference in the weather until the later fall months. Autumn weather is perfect for grass installation, and you’ll be sure to enjoy fresh, green grassy areas for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Call Better Than Real Grass to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate any time of year. There’s no better time to customize your home or business with beautiful, green, low-maintenance artificial grass.

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