What are the pros and cons of synthetic grass?

Artificial grass is a synthetic fiber surface that resembles natural grass and is often used for sports fields and arenas, such as soccer, football, and baseball.

However, artificial grass is increasingly being used decoratively, in gardens, terraces, and in common areas of residences and shops. For example, some people install artificial turf in playgrounds, outdoor gyms, or private event venues.

Synthetic grass is, in general terms, a product adaptable to many needs and spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some pros and cons to help you learn more about how synthetic grass works and determine if it’s a good investment for your home or business.

Benefits of using synthetic grass in the garden:

Significant savings in water compared to natural grass.

  • It’s resistant and hygienic
  • It maintains its green color throughout the year
  • It requires minimal maintenance (saving money and time)
  • It’s weatherproof and resistant to cold, sun (UV rays), rain, and ice
  • It doesn’t generate bad odors
  • It won’t contaminate the soil with fertilizers and chemicals
  • It’s manufactured to resist damage from swimming pool chlorine

Cons of using synthetic grass:

  • Its upfront cost can be higher than other options*
  • It usually requires professional installation
  • Over time, it can look slightly flattened and in need of some professional “brushing”
  • Poor quality fake grass can be hot in the summer months
  • It doesn’t have the smell and freshness of natural grass
Before and After Artificial Grass Installation in Santa Clara

*It should be said that pricing is influenced by the quality of materials, type of use, manufacturing processes, transportation, and installation costs. Also note that synthetic grass for landscaping must be durable, so it’s important to know what materials it’s made of, what level of product quality it is, and what type of guarantee is provided by the manufacturer and/or installer. Ask questions like: Does the job have a warranty? Does the price reflect its quality? Is it suitable for my local climate? Contact Better Than Real Grass to get your questions answered, and we’ll get you a realistic and fair quote within your budget.

Many varieties of artificial grass are available on the market, and most have minimum quality specifications. This represents a risk for your investment. Therefore, it’s best to hire landscaping experts that use reliable materials and know what they’re talking about when it comes to installing your project.

Better Than Real Grass uses only premium-quality materials, and we’ll advise you in a personalized way. We specialize in residential and commercial synthetic grass installations, especially in areas that have heavy foot traffic. Contact us today.

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