Lawn Makeover: Installing artificial grass in your Californian backyard

A lush, green lawn is the epitome of a beautiful backyard, but maintaining it can be a daunting task, especially in the dry climate of California. Enter artificial grass – the perfect solution for a vibrant, low-maintenance lawn.

So, we’ll take you through the steps of installing artificial grass in your California backyard.

Step 1: Site Evaluation

Before diving into the installation process, a comprehensive site evaluation is crucial. Factors such as drainage, soil condition, and existing landscaping elements must be considered to ensure a flawless installation.

Our team at Better Than Real Grass conducts a thorough assessment to identify potential challenges and tailor the installation plan accordingly.

Step 2: Removal of Existing Turf and Debris

The key to a successful artificial grass installation is starting with a clean slate. Our professionals skillfully remove existing turf, weeds, and debris to create a smooth and even surface for the artificial grass to be laid upon. This step sets the foundation for a flawless, long-lasting result.

Step 3: Grading and Base Preparation

Achieving a level surface is critical for the even distribution of the artificial grass. Grading ensures proper water drainage and prevents uneven settling over time. Our experts meticulously grade the area and prepare a stable base using crushed rock or decomposed granite.

This step guarantees a durable foundation that can withstand various weather conditions.

Step 4: Weed Barrier Installation

To maintain a pristine appearance and prevent weed growth, a high-quality weed barrier is installed over the prepared base. This additional layer acts as a safeguard, ensuring that your artificial lawn remains immaculate and weed-free for years to come.

Step 5: Artificial Grass Installation

The centerpiece of the makeover – the artificial grass installation – demands precision and skill. Our experienced team at Better Than Real Grass carefully lays out the turf, paying special attention to seams, corners, and edges.

The result is a seamless, natural-looking lawn that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your California backyard.

Artificial grass in backyard - California

Step 6: Infill Application

Infill, typically made of silica sand or rubber granules, is applied to the artificial grass to enhance stability, resilience, and the overall look and feel. The infill provides support to the fibers, ensuring the grass maintains its shape and withstands heavy foot traffic.

Step 7: Final Grooming and Inspection

The final touches are just as important as the initial steps. Our installation process concludes with meticulous grooming of the artificial grass to achieve a polished appearance.

We conduct a thorough inspection to guarantee that every detail meets our high standards, leaving you with a flawless, maintenance-free lawn.

In conclusion, the installation of artificial grass is a sophisticated process that demands the expertise of a specialized company.

At Better Than Real Grass, we pride ourselves on transforming California backyards into stunning, low-maintenance havens. Contact and trust us with your lawn makeover, and experience the beauty of artificial grass done right. Your dream lawn is just a call away!