Make playgrounds beautiful with artificial grass

Children’s playgrounds and recreational facilities, located in residential areas, educational centers, sport fields, and even in malls –outdoors and indoors- offer to children the opportunity to play, make friends, exercise and have unforgettable moments, which are extremely important to the development of their personality.

The high frequency of child accidents in playgrounds imposes the necessity on parents to take all the safety measures possible, and part of that is related to the state in which the grass is. Facilities have to be checked for defects; there can’t be any devices or tools that can harm the children. Check that children’s games are safe, and take measures so they won’t get hurt when falling on hard surfaces.

Following this, the best option to protect children’s health, is to ensure that they play in areas covered with grass, preferably artificial glass which fulfills and improves the characteristics of natural grass.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we install and sell artificial grass, backed up by the highest quality standards, with our highest regards for the environment.

They surpass natural grass in beauty, and their versatility allows us to shape it and install it in all kinds of terrain. They are easy to clean, they don’t have to be fertilized in the rainy season or watered in the dry one.

Our products are constantly tested for heavy metals and chemical products, to make sure that they won’t harm people’s health or the environment. And, as an extra, they also don’t work as a shelter to insects and bacteria.

The infilling material used on the artificial grass we provide or install is made from sand and green rubber with antibacterial coating, characteristics that protect it against bacteria and UV rays.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we offer or install artificial grass that improves children’s playgrounds and their interaction with other. They are ready for children to play at all moment, no matter the weather conditions.

If you so request it, we can install a rubber carpet under the green artificial grass, to give you more comfort and additional safety for children.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass, we’re specialized on the distribution and installation of artificial grass for homes, business buildings, gardens, yards, children’s parks, dog races’ tracks, study areas and sport fields.

In our website you can find detailed information on our products, and you can also see them personally in our show rooms in San Rafael, CA, and Santa Clara, CA. Don’t hesitate to visit or contact us through our phone numbers or email addresses on our website.

We offer installation services in the Greater Bay Area, including the cities of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, and beyond.

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