Artificial Grass for Residential Landscapes, California

California is an American territory privileged by the fertility of its soils, industrial development, technology and the beauty of its landscapes, and the wealth that explains, to a large extent, the beauty of its cities and residential areas.

The vigorous pace of development, however, forces inhabitants to seek alternatives to the growing demand for water, through intelligent planning codes adopted jointly by the administrative authorities and the civil community.

We work with a concept of sustainable development, in order to make the most of the vital liquid, without conditioning the daily activities of the inhabitants. It is here that alternatives emerge, so that the inhabitants of California feel the satisfaction of living in pleasant environments, without sacrificing the vital element needed for human consumption, industry and agriculture.

We’re referring to artificial grass for residential landscapes in California, an industrial product that replaces and exceeds the natural grass that has traditionally been used in residential landscapes.

It is a product that does not demand irrigation during the dry seasons; nor does it have to be fertilized and trimmed during the rainy season; reduces the growth of weeds and  pests, and stops the constant moisture that serves as an incubator for harmful bacteria.

A green area of artificial grass, properly installed, is a space that enhances the safety of pedestrians, pets and children.

In addition, artificial grass is a product whose characteristics have been gaining ground, not only in the landscape development of residential, commercial, religious and educational building, but also as a popular substitute for the turf on sport fields, even during international competitions.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we love giving solutions to those who choose artificial grass for residential landscapes in California. We specialize in the supply and installation of synthetic grass for residences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have offices in San Jose, San Rafael and Santa Clara, California, but we would be happy to provide our services in any sector of the Bay Area.

Contact us, through our website, through the e-mail of each of our offices or call us and ask any questions without cost or commitment. We will be happy to assist you

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