Artificial Turf Installation in San Francisco

Without a doubt, from homeowners and business owners to designers and architects, people are becoming increasingly convinced about the benefits of synthetic turf as a viable landscaping and decorating option. This popular trend indicates that in the not-too-distant future, synthetic materials will be used to cover almost everything with green “grass.” So, if you’re wondering on which surfaces artificial turf can be installed and if it’s worth it economically speaking, read on!

In areas like San Francisco, where water is scarce, synthetic grass has become a popular alternative to natural grass. The reason is obvious: it doesn´t require water for maintenance. Unlike natural grass that requires enormous amounts of watering and attention, especially in the early adaptation stage of its planting, artificial grass will need no water at all.

Benefits of installing synthetic grass

One of synthetic turf’s most remarkable features is its easy and ubiquitous installation; artificial turf can be placed on any surface. And we’re not exaggerating here! Fake grass can be placed on any horizontal or vertical surface, whether outdoors or indoors. This makes it a highly demanded product for schools, shopping malls, sports fields, single-family homes, and urban apartment dwellers who want to give a green touch to their space.

Price is another point worth mentioning. While many people believe that artificial grass is expensive, it’s not the case. Compared to natural grass, which requires constant and ongoing watering, maintenance, fertilization, and special care, synthetic grass requires only an initial investment, and that’s it! You’ll enjoy the cost-benefit of synthetic grass for your home or business immediately; once it’s installed, you won’t incur any other expenses.

Why are Better Than Real Grass professionals your best option for installing synthetic grass in San Francisco?

  1. We know the precise installation area for artificial synthetic grass.
  2. We identify any irrigation, electrical cabling, or gas piping systems running through the future location of the artificial grass.
  3. We prepare the ground area and ensure it’s level and free of debris and weeds.
  4. We frame the prepared synthetic turf according to the project specifications.
  5. We lay decomposed granite on the artificial grass.
  6. We compact the decomposed granite base.
  7. We install a barrier that stops weed germination and new weeds from coming up through the drainage perforations.
  8. We trim the artificial grass to fit the precise shape of the installation area.
  9. We infill the synthetic turf with a sand-coated or crumbed rubber material.
  10. We groom the installed artificial grass turf with a plastic brush to properly distribute the infill and ensure all the blades will stand up straight.
  11. We clean the area by removing any leftover artificial turf and sod remnants, materials, tools, equipment, debris, garbage, etc.

Want to know where you can install fake grass in your home or office? Better Than Real Grass can answer all your questions related to synthetic grass installation in San Francisco. Give us a call; you won’t regret it!

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