Save water and money with artificial grass in your home or business

In recent years, California has been experiencing a catastrophic water shortage. On April 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown announced water restrictions for California residents for the first time, with the goal of a 25% reduction in urban water use. Lack of rain, high temperatures, and excessive consumption were some of the reasons for these restrictions.

A study published in suggests the American Southwest territory could be at the beginning of a “mega-drought” that might last as long as 40 years, similar to those occurring in the last millennium. The two decades from 2000 to 2019 have been the most prolonged drought period in 1,500 years. Better Than Real Grass takes this data seriously, and we believe our artificial grass products can contribute to the solution for California’s ongoing drought.

There’s nothing better than saving water and money at the same time

One solution that can help the environment and your pocketbook at the same time is installing artificial grass in your green areas.

Grass dresses up your garden or terrace, especially when the weather is nice and you use these areas more often. If you’re thinking of placing natural grass on your property, you should learn about the significant savings you get by choosing artificial grass instead.

Benefits of installing synthetic grass instead of natural grass

Artificial grass doesn’t require regular watering; water is only used for occasional cleanings. Low water consumption reduces your monthly bills and helps in the fight to protect the environment.

Artificial grass also helps the planet because it doesn’t require the use of chemical products. Natural grass needs pesticides and herbicides to eliminate bugs and fungi; with artificial grass, none of these products are necessary.

In addition to saving water, installing fake grass will save you time. Maintaining natural grass on your property means watering, mowing, fertilizing, and using various pesticides and herbicides, and that’s if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, you’ll have to hire a person or landscaping service to do it for you.

Two other great features of artificial turf are that it’s fireproof and hypoallergenic. Your children and pets can roll around on the grass without having any allergic reactions, and you can have a barbecue without worrying about starting a fire.

Will I save water and money with synthetic grass?

Of course, you will! Here’s a quick calculation to prove it:

  1. To ensure natural grass is cared for and adequately watered (whether it’s located in a private garden, swimming pool, or common area in your neighborhood), an average of 6 liters per day are needed per square meter.
  2. For an area of 100m2, you would need 18m3 of water per month or 216m3 of water per year.
  3. If the price of water is $0.08 per liter, then the cost per month to maintain a 100m2 garden with natural grass is $1,440 per month or $17,280 per year. And this is only the cost of keeping it hydrated!
  4. Considering that an artificial turf surface can have a useful life of 15 years or more and that we save an average of $17,280 per year in water bills, the savings would be a whopping $259,200 in 15 years for a 100m2 garden!
  5. Apart from this expense, other cost factors, such as fertilizing, mowing, and replanting, need to be considered.
  6. Also, natural grass can attract insects and other pests or diseases that require chemical treatments. Ching-ching; add that to the bill!
  7. What about lawnmowers and other lawn tools needed to keep up with maintenance tasks, not to mention the time investment? Time is money, right?
  8. In addition to the economic savings, remember that water is the most important resource on earth. By installing artificial grass, you’ll conserve water and contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly development.

Better Than Real Grass will help you save your money and the planet!

We supply, distribute, and install the best artificial grass in California. We also have design professionals who can help you develop the ideal solution for your artificial synthetic grass needs. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to provide you with specific details regarding how much money you’ll save by installing artificial turf.

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