Artificial Grass Designed Especially for Dogs

Pet dogs love to play outside, but they have some bad habits that can ruin your grass. There’s also a risk that your favorite four-legged friend could be harmed by foreign objects that may be sticking out of the grass. One of the best ways to deal with pet dogs and your property is to install a synthetic lawn. This article will discuss the benefits of owning pet-friendly artificial grass and how to select the best kind for your dog and home.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass For Dogs

Installing pet-friendly artificial grass will not only beautify your home but also provide a safe area for your dog to run freely and exercise. Other benefits of installing artificial grass when you have pets are:

1. It’s Non-Toxic

Organic grass, though beautiful, needs constant maintenance, including treating it with fertilizers and insecticides. While these substances can benefit your lawn and kill insects, they contain harmful chemicals that could affect your pets. When you install artificial grass, harmful bacteria and insects won’t create their homes on your lawn.

2. No Urine Odor

Thanks to its materials and its installation technique, artificial grass absorbs water and other liquids, including urine, relatively quickly, which makes it a breeze to clean. Moreover, the urine’s instant absorption also reduces urine odor, creating a safe, healthy, and clean environment for the family and your beloved pet.

3. No Messy Feces

Although they can’t be drained, feces can be removed easily from artificial grass, and they won’t absorb into the ground as they do with natural grass. After removing the mess, spray some water on the affected area and let the synthetic grass absorb the water. Your fake lawn will be clean in a matter of minutes!

4. No digging

Digging holes is an activity many dogs love to do instinctively, but it’s one of the main ways they can ruin your yard. Even though you can’t change your pet’s natural habits, you can at least make sure to install the best artificial grass for dogs available on the market. Artificial grass not only acts as a deterrent to dogs digging holes, it makes it impossible for them to do so!

Getting the best artificial grass for your best friend

Now that you know why pet-friendly artificial grass is the best solution, how can you get it? First, research fake grass suppliers in your region and learn about the services they offer. Make sure the supplier provides services for dog runs and that they can offer guidance, consultations, and price estimates, in addition to grass installations.

Better Than Real Artificial Grass offers these services and more. We’ll work within your budget and provide you with the best artificial grass for your dogs and property.

If you reside in California, don’t hesitate to contact us on our website to get a quote, or call us on (415) 456-2169 now!

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