Synthetic Grass 10 years warranty

The artificial grasses  have to comply or meet stronger quality and safety control rules than the material made in places like China. The imported grass may be cheaper at front, but most expensive in the long run, due to the earlier due replacement, repairs, and all the  other headaches that will be attached when you buy low quality synthetic grass coming from unregulated countries.

Artificial lawn

The use of the artificial grass is steadily increasing year after year.  With artificial grass we can enjoy a garden with more splendor and life at all  seasons of the year. Among its many benefits, it helps us to save money in several ways, one of them is  by saving large amounts of water. Natural grass needs a constant care for its maintenance, like the daily supply of water.  The artificial grass that you can find at Better Than Real Artificial Grass doesn’t need to be  watered, so it is a great way of  helping the environment by saving large quantities of liters of water daily.

The synthetic grasses from  Better Than Real  Artificial Grass don’t  require much of our time to be kept like an awesome lawn. The artificial grass does need only minimun care, like the ocasional grooming, blowing off the leaves and a quick rinse every 3 weeks.

Most natural grasses turn yellowish color or look remarkably worn with the daily use. The ideal is that the grass stays green and at its best throughout the whole year. With the artificial grass from Better Than Real Artificial Grass the garden of your home will look greener than others and keeping on the 365 days of a year. These products were created with anti-UV treatment, which helps the grass not to shine too much,  guarantees no decoloration for 10 years or more. The grass  is made with  the quality that assures that the grass will be green for a long time.

Overall it is a very good way to invest your money. The environment and your wallet will be widely grateful.

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