Garden renovation with synthetic lawn: where to buy in california?

Are you fortunate to have a garden area in your home? If you are, you know how great it is to get up in the morning and see a green, clean and uniform outdoor space from your window. It can give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

It´s also wonderful to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle after a long working day. There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in a green universe that brings you closer to nature.

But what happens when, instead of bringing you tranquility and peace, your garden causes you stress over maintenance problems such as puddles when it rains or empty spaces when it dries out?

Enjoy a Better Option Than Natural Grass

You and your family deserve a living space that provides benefits, not hassles. If you need an immediate renovation of your home’s “green heart, Better Than Real Grass can help. And that’s what we’re here for!

Normally, a garden’s design aligns with each home or business’s preferences, but a current trend is taking the field by storm: artificial grass. Artificial grass offers a maintenance-free garden design that’s financially accessible and easy to install. In a few short days, BTRG can create a dream garden that you and your family will enjoy for years.

I want to renovate, but I don't know where to start.

Don’t worry, now that you’ve made the big decision to renovate and modernize your garden by installing synthetic grass, we can help. Here’s how:

  1. First, let us know how you’d like your dream garden to look.
  2. If you’re not sure, our team of design professionals can make suggestions and proposals. You can choose the one you like the most.
  3. Review our catalog of synthetic grass products and choose the one that’s best for your project. Once you approve everything, we get to work!
  4. In no time at all, you’ll have a renovated garden that’s free of maintenance, bugs, and puddles!

Where Can I Find You?

We have convenient locations throughout California, so rest assured that one of our offices is near you. Our showroom is in San Rafael, in the North Bay.

We offer our installation services throughout the Greater Bay Area of California, including the cities of Napa, Novato, Petaluma, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sonoma in the North Bay; Alameda, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Fremont, Oakland in the East Bay; Daly City, Pacifica, South San Francisco in the Peninsula; Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale in the South Bay, and of course the entire city of San Francisco.

Whether it’s for your home, business, school, soccer fields, tennis courts, churches, etc., our artificial grass will radically change the look of your property. Get ready to enjoy a modern, maintenance-free space with an impeccable appearance all year round!

What are you waiting for? Call Better than Real Grass to change your backyard!

Better Than Real Grass can help you install artificial turf, and we’re also distributors and suppliers of the best artificial grass in California. Contact us today and tell us what you’re looking for. We can help you decide on the ideal solution for your synthetic grass needs.

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