Synthetic Grass Landscape Ideas

Maintaining a flawless yard can be challenging. After all, grass requires water, pesticides, fertilizer, mowing, and weeding, all of which take time and patience. Better Than Real Artificial Grass offers the perfect solution: artificial grass!

This option is always green, and there is no limit to how you can use it in your landscape designs. Whether you have a tiny balcony, a large backyard, or something in between, we’ve helped with it all. Keep reading to discover stunning ways to improve your home’s curb appeal and outdoor living spaces with these synthetic grass landscape ideas.

Pair It With Your Patio

A backyard is a place that should always provide an enjoyable atmosphere. From roasting marshmallows under the stars to playing a game of catch, it’s all about the entire environment. To create a comfortable spot to entertain, combine your artificial turf with a gas fire pit and nice seating. The vibrant green of the grass helps soften the hardscape and create an inviting space.

Create a Tropical Poolside Paradise

Ensure that your outdoor environment offers something for everyone with this landscape idea. If your home has a swimming pool, install artificial grass around it to allow for barefoot comfort. This means you avoid walking on hot concrete, and it provides a non-slip environment for wet feet. Yet, if someone does take a tumble, your faux turf will offer a soft cushion for the landing.

Modernize It

Does your home have a small square yard? Transform it into a modern space with a creative design that incorporates dimension. With this, the artificial grass is the focal point, while the rest of the surroundings provide contrasting colors and textures. For this idea, consider installing concrete pavers, a stone patio, tall evergreen shrubs, and a neutral-colored fence. Before you know it, you’ll have created a sleek outline that makes your artificial turf the star of your yard.

Concrete Creations

Many people find that adding concrete around or through their artificial turf makes for a clean and inviting look. Some even install Bocce ball courts, which are sure to bring visitors! It’s simple to create a stylish look when you use a gravel court and vibrant artificial grass.

Transform Spaces in Your Home or Business with Artificial Grass - Indoor garden

Add Another Greenspace to the City

Do you live in a condo with a balcony? Better Than Real Artificial Grass helps clients achieve the look they want regardless of the setting. For this novel synthetic grass landscape idea, using artificial turf will transform your apartment balcony into an outdoor sanctuary. This is the perfect touch to add a pop of green in what’s usually a lacking environment.

Create a Sprawling Space

The best part is that we have a solution for any type of space – small or large. We help many homeowners create unmatched curb appeal by designing large front yards with artificial turf. Not only does this take the time and frustration out of a perfect yard, but it also never needs to be watered.

Do you live in the Bay Area of California and want to transform a boring yard into one of your dreams? If so, call us today! Our friendly professionals can work with you to come up with a synthetic grass landscape idea that will change your life!