Company of installation of synthetic & artificial grass in San Jose, CA

The installation of artificial grass is a task that causes an immediate sense of change, but the results – which can be as daunting as admirable – will depend on a number of factors that must be taken into account.

Success will depend on aspects such as the use to be made, its integration with the building design, the quality and durability of the materials with which it was made, the cost of the project and, of course, the characteristics of the company that distributes and install the product.

The company must be responsible for the commitment acquired, diligent, precise, committed to the environment and, above all, to provide a friendly service, so that the customer is satisfied and grateful.

The advantages of synthetic grass

We know that artificial grass has been gaining space today because it presents a long list of advantages, among which we can mention the saving in time and economic resources. Synthetic grass also does not have to be irrigated, trimmed or fertilized, it stays clean, hygienic, green and pleasant for years and years.

It is a product resistant to the hardships of rain, sun or snow. It can be installed on land or gravel; it is non-slip and does not contain insects and rodents. It is, in short, the best solution to create green areas in homes and public buildings, in playgrounds and sports facilities and to turn gray areas into attractive landscape environments.

In order to fulfill our goal of providing the best service, at Better Than Real Artificial Grass we supply products manufactured in the United States that guarantee the quality of the product.

The care and expertise with which we work in the installation of the lawn, allows us to guarantee the labor side for eight years, and because we supply ourselves with the best artificial grass,  we offer 10 years warranty for the grass.

In addition, we are a company dedicated to the installation of synthetic grass in San Jose, CA, which has been gaining prestige on the basis of responsibility, compliance with commitments and grateful satisfaction to provide the best customer service.

We are conveniently located in the north and south of the Bay Area, where we are in the best mood to show you our products. We offer our services of sale and installation of synthetic grass in cities like Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, Los Gatos and beyond.

Contact us now and plan an admirable green area or garden, for your home or commercial building. We will advise you and give you a free quote!

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