Landscape innovation with synthetic grass in San Francisco Bay Area

A landscape can be planted with the most beautiful species of plants but the chance to enjoy them may be limited by walls, walls or fences that prevent people from observing them or because of the lack of paths that allow people an easy and comfortable movement through the gardens and green areas.

The softscape and hardscape, consequently, are elements that lead to the creation of beautiful and relaxing areas for the enjoyment of the family and visitors, but when implementing them you must take into account their balance to make the most of the space and avoid saturation and/or monotony.

Balance in the landscape design

A properly balanced landscape project will depend on the taste and possibilities of the owner. The owner decides whether to pave the paths or the pedestrian walkways with cobblestones, brick, ceramics or stone, whether to include walls, benches, tables, fountains and gazebos as a complement of his/her dreamed landscape.

In the design of landscape environments, there has been a shift in the use of materials such as synthetic grass thanks to the industry innovations and production which has come out looking for solutions for the growing need of water for consumption and irrigation.

Synthetic grass is an element that can soften a landscape while keeping the area practical and functional and requiring little maintenance since it does not need irrigation, trimming or fertilizers. It is an environmentally friendly product which is receiving the traditional use the natural grass once had:

  • Backyards: The things to enjoy of a backyard are as many as the imagination can suggest. It can be a leisure area for meetings with family or friends; It can have chairs, tables, a grill and even pool. But all of that has to be complemented with a product that embellishes and refreshes the environment, such as artificial grass.
  • Schools and playgrounds: synthetic grass is a product designed to offer safety to users, something that is especially important when it comes to children. It does not allow the incubation of bacteria and insects and does not keep moisture.
  • Terraces and interiors: Since it is a product that does not need irrigation, it can be installed in terraces, dead spaces like corners and under the stairs. It is also ideal for roofs due to its resistance to bad weather and ultraviolet rays.
  • Sports fields: There are more and more sports played on fields (soccer, tennis, golf, etc.) where the synthetic grass is used because of its beauty and easy installation.
  • Pools: Synthetic grass protects users from the heat generated by concrete, cushions accidental impacts, resists UV rays, and also prevents rainwater to form puddles thanks to its drainage system.

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