Residential landscaping solutions with artificial grass in San Francisco

The durability and the ease the artificial grass handles the cleaning processes makes it an ideal product to cover the spaces dedicated for children and pets.

Worldwide renowned professionals complement the aforementioned artificial grass advantages stating that it is a perfect product for pets and children because it allows them to live and develop in a natural environment in an absolutely safe way.

And since the welfare of children and pets directly affects the benefit of parents, artificial grass emerges as a solution that far exceeds traditional grass.

Artificial grass without toxic products

Synthetic grass is a product whose manufacture process must have quality certificates in order to ensure that they contain no harmful products or residues, such as pebbles or pegs that may affect users.

There is no need to use chemicals such as detergents, herbicides and pesticides to keep it clean. This is especially important because small children will not bring toys to their mouths or pets will chew grasses contaminated with products that can be toxic.

In addition, artificial grass doesn’t hold parasites, such as ticks, mosquitoes, bacteria or rodents moreover: Artificial grass can be installed both in the surroundings of the house, swimming pool and spaces dedicated to outdoors sports, as well as inside the residence like in a playroom, gyms, terrace, etc.

Landscaping in San Francisco

It is the ideal solution that offers a contribution to the happiness and well-being of children and pets in cities where spaces for entertainment are specially reduced and maintenance costs of natural grass can be very high.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the distribution and installation of synthetic grass. We provide residential landscaping solutions using artificial grass in San Francisco, CA. However, if you reside in another Bay Area city we can also help you as well.

We invite you to visit our website or contact us, it will be a pleasure to serve you and give you a quote.

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