Ready to buy artificial grass in napa valley, ca? It’s perfect for kids and pets

Why is everyone talking about Napa Valley?

Napa Valley reigns as the land of quaint shops, great farms and ranches, elegant spas and hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and of course, guided tours of world-class wineries and wine tasting rooms. If you love California wines, chances are they were produced in the famous vineyards and rolling hills of the Napa Valley region, north of San Francisco.

Whether you live or do business in Napa Valley, you might be considering top-quality artificial grass for your residential or commercial property. Better Than Real Grass can help.

Your family will love Artificial Grass!

Kids need to be kids. Playing, rolling, jumping, racing, and crawling are just some of the things they love to do in their backyards. On a natural lawn, these activities can be harmful to the grass’ surface.

If you have family members who have four legs and fur, forget about it!  Dogs enjoy running around in the backyard as much as kids do; plus, they dig holes! (The dogs, not the kids!)  So, the decision is yours: Would you rather protect your lawn, or would you instead prefer to provide your children and pets with a fun space where they can be happy? (Hopefully) the answer is obvious: the emotional well-being of your family comes first.

Better Than Real Grass can help you achieve that goal!

Kids + Pets = A Perfect Combination for Artificial Grass

  1. They can play as rough as they want, and they won’t damage the synthetic grass.
  2. Say goodbye to holes or uneven areas on your lawn caused by your kids’ or pets’ playful adventures. The surface of synthetic grass remains intact for many years to come.
  3. Did it rain? Don’t worry; the water will drain quickly, and you’ll avoid dealing with annoying puddles and dirty footprints.
  4. In a natural grass lawn, stones and sticks can sometimes harm your children’s feet. Not anymore! Synthetic grass minimizes dangerous protrusions that can cut your kids’ feet or stub their toes.
  5. Nobody likes bug stings or insects that can get into your children’s ears. Pets are also susceptible to harmful insects invading their skin and ears. Our synthetic grass and Microban® Technology products are your best allies for protecting your loved ones against creepy crawlies.

Is there something “Better Than Real Grass”?

Of course, there is! Synthetic grass. But not just any synthetic grass! You need to install artificial grass that has the best quality, appearance, and durability.

From the valleys of Napa, through the beautiful Berkeley Bay, and on to the City of Trees, Burlingame, we sell and service the best synthetic grass available in California.

California is considered the land of plenty: a combination of perfect growing conditions, innovative people, and, of course, glorious sunny days. Better Than Real Grass offers excellent service for residential and commercial demand that only a company with years of experience can provide.

What kind of services does Better Than Real Grass provide?

If Napa Valley can imagine it, we can create it. We are expert dream developers, both for your business and your home.

Artificial grass for an activity area with a sport court.

Some of our commercial services include:

  • Artificial Grass for Sports Fields Installation
  • Artificial Grass for Schools
  • Artificial Grass for Tennis Courts
  • Artificial Grass for Golf

And more!

We handle the following residential services:

  • Artificial Grass Playground Installation
  • Artificial Grass Dog Run Installation
  • Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation
  • Artificial Grass Around Swimming Pools
  • Artificial Grass Gardens
  • Deck and Patio Artificial Grass
  • Artificial Grass for Sports Areas
  • Artificial Grass Lawns

As you can see, if it’s got anything to do with synthetic turf, we can handle it!

We invite you to look at our wide variety of artificial turf products and solutions. You have to see it to believe it, so why not visit our office, showroom, and warehouse?

Contact us today and tell us about your artificial grass needs. Better Than Real Grass has the ideal solution for your residential or business property.

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