Artificial Grass Purchase Checklist: What to Look for in Synthetic Grass

The scorching hot weather of summertime California, which dries up and kills many green areas, makes an excellent case for why people choose to install luxurious and lush artificial grass. Artificial grass not only glams up your house, it also refreshes its appearance and adds to outdoor summer fun.

Of course, before getting the perfect artificial grass for your house, some aspects of the grass need to be carefully considered. If you’re embarking on a synthetic grass shopping spree, you’ve come to the right place. Below is an artificial grass purchase checklist that can help you make your choice.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Synthetic Grass

This checklist will help!

1. What kind of traffic will it have?

If you want flawless and sleek synthetic grass that lasts a long time, think about who will be using it the most. Will there be lots of people, or just a few? Do you have pets or children who will be playing games and sports on the grass?

Depending on the answers to those questions, you’ll have to select grass with the appropriate thickness level. If you install a less durable synthetic turf in a crowded household, it won’t hold up as well as a thicker variety.

2. What kind of activities will it be used for?

Golf courses, tennis courts, playgrounds or gardens ‒ these are just a few of the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed on synthetic grass. But not every activity is equal in terms of the stress it will place on your turf. Some activities are more intense (playing games, running) compared to others. Once you know how you plan to use your turf, you’ll know what level of durability you’ll need for your synthetic lawn.

3. What shade of green do you want?

Not all greens are alike! Artificial grass comes in different shades — from dark green to lime green; you’re sure to find the color that suits your taste.

If you’re installing artificial grass for aesthetic purposes and the “beauty” factor, then you’ll want to pay extra attention to the color. Make sure the shade you select matches the color of the house and is appropriate for your desired ambiance.

4. Maintenance Costs

Although synthetic grass is less of a hassle than organic grass, it still needs proper maintenance and management. If you can afford to invest some extra time to keep it looking great, then you can pick a turf that requires some additional care. If not, it’s best to select a variety that can be more easily cleaned compared to other turfs.

Get your artificial grass now!

Achieve your dream backyard in California with artificial grass. Installing it, however, is no simple matter, so it’s best to carefully choose the most suitable turf for your needs and then review the points we’ve listed above.

If you’re still unsure, seek out professional advice. If you reside in California, you can contact Better Than Real Artificial Grass. We can help you find the most suitable turf for your house and install it professionally. Check out our website and get a free price quote now. Don’t let anything get in the way of enjoying your dream Californian home.

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