Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Many people underestimate the benefits of installing synthetic turf because they assume that it’s not an ideal choice since it’s not natural grass. Little do they know that artificial turf provides a lot of benefits for its owners and the environment. By installing synthetic grass, you’ll not only save money but also help protect the earth.

Saving Money While Saving the Earth

Synthetic turf requires less maintenance than organic grass, so you can save lots of money while taking care of the environment.

Here are some other reasons why synthetic turf benefits the environment:

1. Saves Water

Unlike organic grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered. The only time you apply water to artificial grass is to clean it and remove dirt. And you don’t need to clean it every day; once a week, bi-monthly, or monthly is enough, depending on the weather, usage patterns, and the amount of dirt that’s settled on the surface. Any way you look at it, you’ll save lots of water compared to the amount you’d use to maintain natural, organic grass.

2. Fewer Harmful Chemicals

The downside of organic grass is that pesticides are often necessary to prevent bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies. Unfortunately, many pesticides are toxic for kids and pets, making it unsafe for them to play outdoors on organic grass.

Thankfully, synthetic turf doesn’t attract bugs or insects as natural grass does; therefore, there’s no need to spray any chemicals on it. Your backyard will be a safe outdoor environment where your kids and pets can enjoy playing free of risks to their health.

3. Lower Carbon Emission

Organic grass requires the use of lawnmowers and other machines to keep it maintained and looking good. Unfortunately, the gasoline used in lawnmowers contributes to CO2 emissions. There are already 411 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in the world as of 2020; such an amount is not sustainable for quality living in the long term.

It’s not too late to stop contributing to CO2 emissions; one of the best ways for homeowners to do so is by installing artificial grass. Owning a synthetic lawn means you won’t need to spend extra money on a lawnmower or gas, so you won’t contribute to future CO2 emissions. Win-win!

Enhancing the Land while Saving the Earth

Synthetic turf not only saves money and beautifies a home, it also helps to conserve the earth’s environment. Without a doubt, artificial grass provides benefits to homeowners that organic grass does not.

If you’re still unsure whether you should purchase synthetic turf, seek professional service providers for advice. If you reside in California, please contact Better Than Real Artificial Grass to get some advice and price quotes. We also have artificial putting greens for sale in the Bay AreaContact us now!

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