Install a synthetic putting green in your backyard Let us do it for you!

Have you ever dreamed of having a putting green in your backyard that always looks impeccable? One that doesn’t require spending your weekends pruning and spraying it, investing in automatic irrigation systems, or dealing with the mud and puddles that occur when it rains? A space for you and your family where you can spend hours of fun and relaxation, right in your own backyard?

Better Than Real Grass has the perfect solution for you.

We’re Putting Green Specialists!

Here’s a bit of info about the synthetic grass installation procedure:

  • The area destined for your synthetic grass must be excavated and leveled.
  • The storm drainage pipe is placed. Depending on the size of the space, there may be several storm drains.
  • A concrete barrier is laid around the perimeter of the installation area to confine the backfill.
  • The area is backfilled with 4 inches of a 90-95% compacted rock material. An inch is left at the edge, which will also be filled with compacted granite.
  • A special seaming tape is attached to the sub-base with 5-inch, non-galvanized nails every 12 inches.
  • The putting green is attached to the tape and secured with the nails.
  • Once the putting green is laid the infill is added.

**The above procedure corresponds to a basic putting green installation. Depending on the area’s size and layout and the client’s needs, installation requirements may vary.**

Sounds too complicated and laborious? Don’t worry; let Better Than Real Grass do it for you!

Artificial Grass

The international synthetic grass market has an ongoing problem: the quality control standards in other countries don’t compare with the controls we have in the United States. Artificial grasses from other countries are typically made with low-quality resins.

The resins used include UV stabilizers that allow our grasses to adequately resist foot traffic, sun rays, and rain. Unlike other synthetic turfs that last no more than three years, our product can last more than ten years without losing its color or fiber thickness.

Residential or Commercial Putting Greens

Our extensive experience installing putting greens has given us the opportunity to work for satisfied golfers in Berkeley, Palo Alto, Petaluma, Santa Clara, and other areas in California.

No matter the dimensions or requirements of your space, we’ll always offer you the best putting green solutions for your property. You can have one in your backyard, or you can invest in one for your business.

Whether your putting green is for indoor or outdoor use, Better Than Real Grass can turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today to hear more about our ideas and putting green design solutions for your home or business.

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