Fake grass for sale: winterize your yard

Whether you have a natural or artificial lawn, it’s important to take steps to prepare it before the winter season arrives. If your yard has real grass, then you’ll have to do many things to make sure it stays healthy and can survive the cold temperatures.

But if you have artificial grass, you can avoid 99% of these time-consuming and expensive tasks. Temperature changes will not affect high-quality artificial turf, so there’s no need to fertilize it or apply any chemicals before the winter season.

Still, there are a few things you can do to make sure your artificial lawn looks clean and fresh throughout the winter months and is ready to enjoy again in the spring with your family and pets.

Winterizing artificial grass

There are many reasons to winterize your artificial grass, whether it’s located in the backyard or front lawn. Winterizing it will make it safe and healthy for you and your family to spend quality time outdoors once the weather begins to warm up again. It will also keep your property looking natural and appealing from the street.

Leaf removal

Red and yellow autumn leaves can add to the beauty of your artificial lawn and make it look even more natural. Still, it’s essential to clean up any excess fallen debris on a timely basis, just as you would with a natural lawn, before it decays and looks unsightly.

Instead of raking, some homeowners prefer to use leaf vacuums or blowers to clean up their lawns. These options are loud, but they work great and make the task easy. If you prefer to use a rake, use a wide rake. If you want to mulch the leaves, use your old lawnmower — you might as well use it for another purpose since you no longer need it to mow the grass!

Protect against mosquitoes breeding sites

Another reason to remove decaying leaves and branches from your artificial turf is that they can become breeding sites for mosquitos, flies, and other unwanted vermin. Check your fake grass lawn throughout the fall and winter to ensure there are no mosquito breeding sites and that no areas are sinking and causing stagnant water puddles.

Turn empty flowerpots, planters, cans, and containers upside down, and keep an eye on tree holes, gutters, potholes, and old tires so they can’t fill up with rainwater or dew. If you do notice any issues, take care of them immediately. The proper precautions will increase the lifespan of your artificial grass for many additional years.

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