Is Installing Artificial Grass Expensive?

Definitely not! On the contrary, its competition, natural grass, will always be a bottomless pit for your wallet. With its increasingly realistic finishes, textures and colors, artificial grass is a great alternative. Better Than Real Grass’ professional artificial grass installation services in San Francisco, California, ensure your investment will be safe.

What are the economic advantages of artificial turf?

  • Long-term durability and resistance to weather conditions. Compared to natural grass, which is easily damaged by California’s excessive sun, torrential rain, and hailstorms, artificial grass is impeccably resistant.
  • It’s easy to install on any surface, including concrete and tile. Compared to natural grass, which requires fertile soil, a gardener, and special care to survive its initial installation, artificial grass installation is a simple process, especially when you hire San Francisco’s Better Than Real Grass.
  • Water savings. Since it doesn´t need the constant watering that natural grass requires, you’ll save a lot of money with artificial turf. At certain times of the year, keeping a lawn in good condition can consume copious amounts of water, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce on the planet. California’s high temperatures mean the cost per square foot for artificial grass installation comes in much lower than natural grass. It’s also more economical because it’s a one-time start-up investment where you won’t have to spend additional monies on constant watering or sophisticated irrigation systems.
  • Zero maintenance. Once it’s in place, that’s the last time you’ll ever have to spend money on it. Unlike natural grass that requires the perpetual use (and ongoing cost) of fertilizers, weed killers, gardeners, and gardening equipment, artificial turf doesn’t need any of that.
  • It’s affordable for everyone. If you’re asking, “Is installing artificial grass expensive in San Francisco, California?” the answer is, with Better Than Real Grass, it’s not! Synthetic turf used to be installed exclusively in playgrounds, schools, or sports fields; nowadays, anyone can install this great product at home. In addition, its use is not limited to outdoor environments; unlike natural grass, you can place it indoors and on any surface.
  • It´s fireproof. Besides looking ugly, dry, natural grass is a constant danger, especially in the arid California climate. A single spark is enough to ignite it and cause accidents that will surely reach your and your neighbors’ homes. Fires will never occur from synthetic grass because it’s made with fireproof materials.
  • It’s anti-allergenic, so you don’t need to worry about hay fever and other allergies that only natural grasses cause. This means fewer doctor bills and healthier family members.

Remember, if you’re looking for artificial grass installation in or around California, don’t hesitate to contact the synthetic grass experts at Better Than Real Grass.

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