Synthetic Grass for Gardens and Terraces – Alternatives to Using Natural Grass

Nothing is worse than arriving at your home or business, looking at your green areas, and realizing your natural grass is yellow, dry, and patchy due to extreme weather conditions, insect infestations, or a lack of maintenance. You’ve invested a lot of money to keep your natural grass impeccable, and a single event can ruin everything! Four words will solve this problem: Better Than Real Grass.

We are distribution, sale, installation, and consulting experts for the best synthetic grass for sale in San Jose, California, and surrounding areas. Our years of experience and our premium-quality materials have earned us recommendations from clients located throughout the state of California.

Having a spotless home or business is a priority for most people, especially the areas most visible to the public, such as gardens, common areas, and balconies. Here are additional benefits of artificial grass compared to natural grass:

  • Artificial grass can be installed on rooftops, indoor gardens, shaded patios, and home interiors where natural light is scarce and irrigation networks are unavailable.
  • Artificial grass doesn´t require water, pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides.
  • Installation is simple and only requires a level, compacted, and sloped ground for water runoff.
  • In the real estate market, properties with synthetic grass have an added value when negotiating a sale.
  • Fake grass is pet-friendly and prevents animals from causing damage to your property. Your furry friends will love playing on a specially designed dog run using the best synthetic grass in the market.
  • Artificial grass is ideal for children and is perfect for installation in pre-schools, kindergartens, schools, kiddie parks, etc. Its soft surface and dense filaments provide safety and comfort for the little ones.

Better Than Real Grass offers both residential and commercial services and can supply all your artificial grass needs in San Jose, California. We’re ready to get involved in your project and create indoor and outdoor spaces that always look green and impeccable, no matter the season of the year. Call us today; an expert will gladly assist you.

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