Beautify your backyard with artificial turf

Throughout history, a green area in the backyard has been the ideal for hosting and enjoying the warm and happy family, and friend gatherings, during the summer season. But the rest of the year had only brought complications until they invented the artificial grass.

By beautifying your backyard with the artificial turf, you say goodbye to spending time and money on the required maintenance. Artificial grass will put an end to all that periodic grass-cutting, sweeping and disposal of the cut grass, the noise from the lawn mowers, as well as to the puddles, allergies, and insect invasions.

Artificial turf is an environment-friendly product, which offers a long list of advantages relative to the natural grass: it is easy to install; it is very resilient, durable, comfortable, and sanitary; and it keeps the environment with fresh and appealing look, even during the most severe of summers.

All of these advantages explain why artificial grass is gaining momentum in the areas devoted to gardens, terraces, patios, and sports fields of all conceivable dimensions, as well as in residential, religious, commercial, and student buildings, roundabouts and public patios.

We are proud to be in the artificial grass business, a specialty in which we have an extensive and long experience. At “Better Than Real Artificial Grass” we specialize in the installation of the artificial  grass.

We transform the spaces of your choice into pleasant green areas that are covered with lawns made and manufactured in the United States, which therefore meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

A backyard does not have to be seen as the hideout for wheelbarrows, tools, and a clothesline. Turned into a green area with a well installed, beautiful, and great quality lawn, your backyard is destined to become a truly pleasant and relaxing oasis.

“Better Than Real Artificial Grass” has offices in San Rafael, and Santa Clara, California. If you are planning to create or enhance your green areas with artificial grass, contact us through our website or by email for each of our locations.

You can also call us by phone and schedule an appointment for a formal estimate, at no cost or obligation for you. We will be happy to give you our undivided attention. Please contact us for further information.

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