Synthetic grass for your homes, San Jose

Growing appreciation of nature, low maintenance, along with the climate change, that in California means recurring droughts, are topics of great consideration for the  landscape design of residential and commercial buildings.

On one hand the natural vegetation demands a long list of expenses in time and money. In addition to the use of chemicals that could affect us, like those used to combat unwanted weeds, and those used to eliminate pests, such as mice and insects.  On the other hand, the artificial grass is not harmful to the environment or to our health, it is low maintenance, and remains  green the whole year.

Why choose artificial turf?

Artificial turf not only contributes to improving the environment of residential and business buildings; It also makes more inviting the outdoor areas of residences and commercial business.

It is a product that can be installed outside and inside the residence, turning gray or cold spaces into green areas and permanent gardens, because their maintenance is not dependent on weather conditions.

If you install it outside the house, simply collect the leaves that fall from the trees and pass the brush, so that it recovers its original characteristics. If it is inside the house you only need the vacuum cleaner and (in the worst case) if it is soiled or stained by the dog or cat, it can be easily scrubbed and washed.

Artificial turf is, in other words, the best alternative that can be used when converting the surroundings and interiors of a residence into a home where children can play and where family gatherings can be enjoyed in a nice environment.

Professional installation of synthetic grass in San Jose

Synthetic grass does not need irrigation, fertilization, periodic trimming, nor do pools on rainy seasons. It doesn’t cause allergies, or, attract pests and insects.

It is also not flammable, so dropping a cigarette butt or a fry from the grill will not generate a fire.

Otherwise, artificial turf is a product that can be installed anywhere, as long as the surface allows. But it demands knowledge and skill, so that it remains adequately attached over the years.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the provision and installation of synthetic turf for residences in San Jose, CA and we are here to help you to turn your San Jose home into a warm and welcoming home. Contact Us.

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