Is it a Good Idea to Install Artificial Grass Around a Pool?

One of the best places to install synthetic grass is around your above-ground or in-ground pool. If you own a home or business in areas such as Daly City in San Mateo, California, and want to learn more about fake grass installation around swimming pools, keep reading.

Why place artificial synthetic grass around pools in Daly City, San Mateo?

Places like Daly City, California, typically abound with residential swimming pools. The relentless heat and almost constant bright, sunny days are ideal for a nice daily dip! But such frequent use of your backyard swimming pool can cause the pool area itself to be a serious safety hazard and maintenance hassle.

Wood decking or synthetic grass around pools?

If you opt for wooden decking around your pool, remember that maintenance will be mandatory and perpetual. No matter how much you treat natural wood against humidity, the sun and water will always demand that you’ll have to sand, varnish, and detail damages at least once a year.

With synthetic grass, you can forget about maintenance. Once installed, all you need to do is enjoy it, since you never have to do anything special to maintain its original appearance.

Tile or synthetic grass installation?

Tile looks nice around swimming pools, but it´s quite dangerous when wet because it gets extremely slippery. Although there are supposedly “non-slip” tiles on the market, the reality is that when they get wet, almost all tiles may contribute to an eventual fall.

Synthetic grass has a non-slip surface that doesn’t get hot under the feet. Its highly textured fibers imitate the filaments of natural grass, so it´s a much safer surface for walking, playing, and running. It’s also highly suitable for poolside sunbathing!

Stone floors or artificial grass around swimming pools

Many modern backyard designs use natural stone floors around the pool. When first installed, this option gives your backyard and pool a more rustic, natural appearance, but it will require ongoing maintenance against fungi and chlorine stains over time. Eventually, you’ll likely notice white limescale and chlorine spots on the stones’ surface even with diligent care.

With synthetic grass, you can forget about these inconveniences. At Better Than Real Grass, we use artificial grass products with fibers specially treated for use in swimming pool areas. They’re highly resistant to humidity, chlorine, saltwater and are completely UV stabilized.

We manufacture synthetic grass with polypropylene (PP) composite fibers that allow it to recover its original shape, even when it´s repeatedly crushed or stepped on in high-traffic swimming pool areas. It’s also resistant to ultraviolet rays and retains its original color and texture for a long time. Better Than Real Grass offers a 10-year warranty on all our artificial grass products as our guarantee of satisfaction.

When considering artificial grass around your swimming pool, look for the professionals at Better Than Real Grass. We’re just one phone call away from advising you on how to turn your backyard pool area into a modern and stunning green oasis!

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