Synthetic grass store Santa Clara County, California

Synthetic grass is an industrial product designed to improve the quality of life of people, for its contribution to the beautification of the environment, and providing outdoor areas that are  healthy and safe for users. The artificial grass areas require low maintenance.

The benefits will be greater as you use grass of the highest quality which is installed by specialized personnel, who take full advantage of the characteristics of a product that exceed natural grass for many reasons.

Due to the advantages it offers, artificial grass is increasingly used in:

  • Apartment buildings: Apartment buildings are becoming more attractive to tenants and future residents, when they observe green areas and gardens. The trend in the Bay Area is to have ecological gardens that require less maintenance.
  • Sports fields: It is a resource that takes relevance in croquet fields, mini golf courses, fields for soccer or baseball, and in the practice of many other sports. With the synthetic grass the disadvantages of the extreme changes of the meteorological conditions are finished.
  • Office buildings: Artificial grass is very practical for developing beautiful landscape environments in office buildings, clinics, etc. It can be installed in raised gardens and among cobblestones, stones and concrete slabs.
  • Around the temples: In addition to being temples where you go in search of inner peace, spiritual growth and guidance, churches are also places for social interaction. Hence the importance given to the green areas created around the buildings, shrines or auditoriums.
  • Hospitals with gardens: The grass contributes to an essential decoration, which conveys peace, security and comfort. Artificial grass is particularly good for the green areas of hospitals, because it is an innocuous product, which does not hold pests, bacteria or allergies.
  • Residences: The green areas contribute to give life to the residences. The artificial lawn is ideal for indoor and outdoor patios, playgrounds, terraces, etc.

Better Than Real Artificial Grass have a store in Santa Clara County, CA, where you can choose the quality, style and characteristics of the synthetic grass that you require for your personal, business, social or institutional project.

We are a company of distributors and installers of artificial grass, with an ample trajectory in all the Great Area of the Bay of San Francisco, Ca.

We supply grass directly purchased from the manufacturer, in order to offer high quality products to our customers at competitive prices, and offering a 10 year warranty.

We will be there to serve you.

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