Artificial Turf that Looks and Feels Like Real Grass

Most people don’t realize how much engineering, chemistry, and design work goes into manufacturing high-quality artificial turf. Todays’ technology is so advanced that artificial grass feels and looks more and more like natural grass. Its organic texture feels completely realistic, and its various colors (which can be selected according to each client’s preferences) means it looks more natural than ever.

Fake grass that looks and feels natural is Better Than Real Grass’ specialty. And while all artificial grass is made from plastic-based strands, BTRG’s products are different because they feature premium-quality, high-grade resins, additives, and UV stabilizers that are all made with excellent suppliers.

Experts have several rationales to justify artificial turf installation instead of natural grass; their reasons go beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits. Maybe the most significant has to do with economics: maintaining synthetic grass is much cheaper than caring for natural grass. Another, perhaps not as apparent, reason is that artificial grass has overwhelming ecological advantages over natural grass.


Natural lawns require a series of treatments to keep them in optimal condition: periodic mowing, frequent watering, weed eradication, soil fertilization, pest and fungus control, etc. All these processes require time and effort and make natural lawns quite expensive to maintain in excellent condition.


Surprisingly, installing natural grass is significantly more complicated than installing artificial grass. That’s because natural grass can be installed only on natural surfaces, and it´s done either by placing rolls or clods (portions of soil with natural grass already growing) on the ground or by sowing (planting) grass seed in a uniform manner.

On the contrary, synthetic grass can be laid on virtually any surface, including open spaces that are already cemented or paved or even on vertical structures!


In addition to its pleasant aesthetics and exceptional adaptability to varied and extreme climatic conditions, artificial grass is also preferred over natural grass due to the ease of cleaning it.

In fact, the effort required to maintain synthetic grass is minimal compared to the care required for traditional lawns. This factor is one of the essential benefits associated with artificial grass products.


Today’s artificial grass appears so realistic that most people don’t realize it’s fake unless they’re rolling around in it (and even then, they probably wouldn’t notice)!


Artificial grass is, by far, more functional than natural grass, thanks to the absence of dirt, mud, insects, and mold. This guarantees your grass will be usable daily, which is an excellent benefit for your children and pets; they’ll be able to play outside on the lawn any time of year.


Another reason that artificial grass is gaining in popularity is that it’s hypoallergenic. If you or a family member suffers from allergies and hay fever, you’ll be pleased to discover your symptoms are minimized when you install synthetic turf


Fake grass isn’t just for use in large areas; it can also be installed as a border on a pedestrian street, as a green area around a swimming pool, small flowerbeds/gardens, or other types of projects. The only limit is your imagination!

At Better Than Real Grass, we’re committed to our customers. We believe our products are the best on the market, and that’s based on decades of industry experience. If you want to transform your space with the most technologically advanced products in the synthetic grass market, give us a call today. Our team of design and installation experts will gladly assist you.

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