Three Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Your Garden

Artificial grass, or synthetic turf as it´s also known, is manufactured with plastic materials that are inserted, sewn, or glued to a synthetic mesh (similar to a carpet), giving the appearance of natural grass.

Using special processes, the synthetic grass layer is placed and adhered to the desired surface, for example, a garden, residential area, commercial area, or sports facility. The talented team at Better Than Real Grass are experts in installing and providing the best synthetic grass in California, including Palo Alto, San Rafael, and San Jose. Our services are highly sought for installing artificial synthetic grass in putting greens and sports facilities.

  1. Artificial grass putting greens and sports facilities

Synthetic grass is resistant to weather conditions and foot traffic, which explains why so many sports facilities have replaced their natural grass with it. In addition to using artificial grass in large areas, such as soccer stadiums, it´s increasingly common to find miniature golf courses and putting greens using it too.

Why Many Sports Facilities Prefer to Use Synthetic Grass

  • Uniform height throughout surfaces
  • Manufactured with soft fibers
  • Surfaces where the synthetic grass is applied are always fully covered
  • Resistant to constant foot traffic
  • Durable and doesn´t tear easily
  • Greater impact absorption and mobility for sports players
  • Resistant to all types of weather conditions
  • Does not require irrigation
  • Does not need to be pruned
  • Longer life than natural grass
  • Protected from UV rays 
  1. Safe and elegant around swimming pools

Your pool is the focal point of your backyard and the area for fun and games. A lush strip of artificial turf can make your pool look stylish while keeping it much safer than regular grass. Natural grass located around a swimming pool will lose traction and become slippery and muddy over time. While concrete and sandstone are popular, they don’t create the same poolside-paradise atmosphere as a large strip of green grass. They’re also very hot underfoot. Even a simple strip of fake grass around the perimeter of a swimming pool looks fantastic and offers a much better grip underfoot.

If you’re a contractor working near Palo Alto or San Jose, don’t hesitate to contact us. Better Than Real Grass is your best choice if you install artificial grass around swimming pools or distribute synthetic grass products.

  1. Children’s playgrounds

If you have a swing set, a trampoline, or a playhouse in your backyard, chances are that kids’ play has damaged some part of your lawn. And let’s be honest, uneven grass is annoying and messy. Artificial turf is an excellent play surface because it’s soft, durable, and easy to clean. Kids can’t damage it, and if they fall, they won’t suffer muddy cuts and scratches. Synthetic turf also makes a fantastic play mat for children’s playrooms; a touch of indoor green is a great idea.

Contact us to hear more about our premium synthetic grass products. We manufacture and distribute many different models in a variety of colors and textures. Whether for sports fields, swimming pools, or backyards, Better Than Real Grass is your best choice for artificial grass in California.

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