Artificial grass on rooftops

There are several locations where the installation of fake grass might sound crazy, that is the case of rooftops. The artificial grass on rooftops transforms unutilized areas, in stunning outdoor areas for a pleasant gathering of friends. It could be great to have your own “scenic overlook” where you can have quality time of relaxation enjoying the scenery. The artificial grass on rooftops provides several  advantages, chief among them is the addition to your home of a beautiful outdoor room. Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides its experienced crews to help you convert your rooftop in your piece of heaven.

Why is a good choice the artificial grass on rooftops?

The rooftops might look like a place that doesn’t need the use of some extra decoration, but we will show the benefits of the artificial grass on rooftops:

  • Easy installation: as in every location, our synthetic turf can be installed with no problems in the rooftops. However, is recommended that the rooftops are waterproofed in order to avoid  leaks; besides, a good drainage system is necessary
  • Improvement of the image: the rooftops tend to be messy and old, and boring; by installing  fake grass, that image will change, and instead of the aforementioned, the rooftop will become some kind of an upper garden.
  • Improve your quality of life with a beautiful outdoor area.
  • Easy maintenance: the fake grass will make the cleaning of the rooftop easier because our fake grass is easy to care.
  • Resistance to the weather: the synthetic grass is resistant to any kind of weather.

These are only few of the advantages of the artificial grass on rooftops. The products we install are of the highest quality. We are a recognized company with years of experience in artificial grass installation. We provide our services in the Bay Area,  in counties like San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Monterey, Alameda, Contra Costa and more.

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