Advantages of using artificial grass in schools

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we intend that our products and services fulfill our clients expectations for o beautiful and practical ground covering. Our synthetic turf can be used in many different locations and for different uses, and for each of those uses and locations the artificial grass provides several advantages, however we are going to focus on this occasion in the advantages of using artificial grass in schools. Our company provides a very skilled service in the installation of our product for this application, guaranteeing that it will cover all the necessities that you look for, and protect the children from any inconvenient.

The natural grass does not stand the everyday playing of the children on it, but sturdiness is one of the greatest benefits that provides the artificial grass. The grasses at Better Than Real Artificial Grass are able to stand the everyday playing of children for a good number of years, due to the great quality of our products, and with the additional benefit of low maintenance, unlike the heavy maintenace required by the regular grass. The artificial grass is a soft ground covering that will increase the safety of children when they play.

It’s very well known that the regular turf, due to the materials and all the conditions that it needs, cannot be installed everywhere, but in Better Than Real Artificial Grass we install our products in many locations, this include schools. Another relevant point is that all the materials that our products are made of, represent no danger to the children, because all of those materials are not toxic to them, therefore they won’t get sick for reasons like allergies to the grass (this very common on them) and many others, besides our products are harmless to the environment, because our product is made of recyclable materials.

The artificial turf that we offer will not get dirty easily, it is really easy to clean and the water percolates rapdidly through the grass, therefore, it is very good to the children so they won’t get dirty due to the many time that they spend on it, besides, in the rainy season, it does not create mud or any other substance that might affect the kids.

The kids really like the beautiful aspect of the always green synthetic grass, it works as a switch that provokes them to play there; our products in Better Than Real Artificial Grass remain green for very long time, regardless of the weather that they are been exposed. The great demand for artificial grass for school’s playgrounds and sport fields is a sign that the advantages of it has been proven many times.

The crews form Better Than Real Artificial Grass know how to install the synthetic turfs around or at the side of several fixtures or decorative objects such as signs, pools, poles, fountains, swings, slides, toys, statues, gazebos, pergolas, trees, and many others. The synthetic grass is so durable and easy to maintain that is perfect for schools.

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