The Best Artificial Grass for Your Pets in the Burlingame, California, Area

Located south of the San Francisco International Airport in San Mateo County, Burlingame, California, is a small city full of things to do. Museums, parks, good food, and a thriving candy industry are just some of the attractions this city has to offer.

Burlingame is known as the “City of Trees” because it has 18,000 public trees within the city limits. The city also has eucalyptus groves and public parks that add to the total number of trees. Since Burlingame is a place renowned for its flora and fauna, its residents understand the need to make sure their lawns complement the natural greenery of the surrounding areas. You can count on Better Than Real Grass to make it happen.

The benefits of having artificial grass on your property far outweigh the benefits of having natural grass. It requires virtually zero maintenance, and there’s no need for irrigation or pesticides. It can be placed almost anywhere, and it looks fantastic all year round. It’s ideal for children, and there’s a wide range of artificial turf products, so you can choose your preferred color and thickness.

Not many people know that synthetic turf is also suitable for pets. Here are five benefits of using synthetic turf for your four-footed furry friends:

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning up pet waste is simple. Just remove the waste with a napkin, cloth, or plastic bag, and then use a little water to clean the affected area. Synthetic dog grass requires no watering, trimming, replanting, pesticides or fertilizers, making it highly cost-effective to maintain.
  • It´s a broadly resilient product. Synthetic dog grass can withstand any weather condition. In addition, animals can try to dig it up, but its fibers will resist shedding or breakage. It´s resistant to almost any chemical substance and, when it comes to constant exposure to abrasive animal urine, artificial grass will not suffer any permanent damage.
  • Eliminates ticks and fleas. Synthetic grass for dogs is designed to repel and eliminate the reproduction of insects and mites, including dangerous ticks and fleas that affect your pets’ health.
  • It´s not toxic. Your family and pets will be safer because synthetic dog grass is made from toxin-free quality materials.
  • Long useful life. Artificial grass lasts long, often exceeding ten years of uninterrupted use without affecting its functionality or appearance.

Don’t think twice; Better Than Real Grass is ready to provide you with high-quality synthetic grass in Burlingame, San Jose, San Rafael, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Bay Area, Petaluma, and more. Call us today; you won’t regret it!

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