Artificial Grass for Playground Areas: importance

The playground is an outdoor area that is meant for children to play on. The most common surface of playgrounds is grass. These places are supposed to be as safe as possible, however, it is well know that the playgrounds with natural grass have some disadvantages: popular playgrounds will show bald spots, losing some of the cushion; in winter time they are muddy, and the grass and ground will need long time to dry off; they are a good area for some plagues, like ants, spiders, and other insects; it doesn’t handle heavy traffic or use. In Better than Real Grass we are aware of the need of a sturdy and safe surface for children, therefore we provide the opportunity to install our synthetic turf in playgrounds. Here we are going to mention the importance of it.

 A playground is essential in the psychological development of the children because in those places they can interact with the other kids, they get social skills while they are playing and having fun. Playgrounds are the most natural place where children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility. The artificial grass is very useful in this locations because its presence might avoid that the kids get hurt, because is considered a soft surface; when more cushion is needed, a padding is installed right under the artificial grass. The artificial grass is made with materials that are hypoallergenic. The artificial grass is recommended due to its resistance, which make the area able to deal with the great physical activity of children, they are always running from one place to another, jumping and sliding. The natural grass does not survives the heavy traffic of a popular playground area.

Some locations where is important the artificial grass

  • Schools: Maybe the most important place that requires the use of artificial grass for a playground. This grass area is especially important in preschools and elementary schools, the kids usually play a lot and they fall on the ground very often; by the use of the synthetic grass they won’t get hurt easily after falling, besides they won’t get dirty. In the case of preschool playgrounds, the kids are usually on the ground longer time doing some activities, therefore the artificial grass will provide a safe and clean surface.
  • Amusement parks: In these places, the affluence of the kids is massive. The artificial grass is essential because it holds easily the transit of the kids, and the soft surface reduce the probably of getting hurt.
  • Day care centers: Is essential the presence of the artificial grass in these places because the children are babies that are learning to walk, so it is common to see them on the ground. The artificial grass is good for the little ones because when they fall it works as a pillow for them. Besides, they commonly tend to place things in their mouths, but there is not need to worry because the fake grass is easy to keep it clean, and its fibers are nontoxic for them.

Better Than Real Artificial Grass is a company recognized for the expertise of their crews, and for the quality of their products.

You are free to contact us to ask about our services, request a budget or ask information about the artificial grass installation. In Better than Real Artificial Grass we guarantee that you will get a product of the highest quality. We provide our services in north California, in the counties around the Bay Area, like Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Napa, Santa Clara, Sonoma and more.

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