How to keep clean dog run areas?

The synthetic lawns are required for many different reasons and for many different locations, in Better Than Real Artificial Grass this is no different, and one of the most common locations that require a fake grass are the dog run areas, these are the areas where the dogs usually play and in some cases do their physical necessities. The lawns provide to the dogs a wonderful spot to play, and for some reason they really love the artificial grass dog run areas, which are very easy to clean.

The synthetic grasses that provides Better Than Real Artificial Grass are some of the best in the pets’ topic; they provide several advantages in the case that it is used regularly for a pet in any kind of activity, but in this section, we are going to focus in how to clean these areas.

First of all, in spite of the lack of maintenance that requires the artificial grass, if the grass Is used by a pet, it is necessary to use a low quantity of water. Use a hose to rinse the grass about once a week. When there are several dogs in a small area, sometime is recommended to rinse with a mix of mild soap and water. In the case that the pet defecate the only thing that is necessary to do, is to use a pooper scooper and a plastic bag. Additionally, and only if it is necessary, you can use a deodorant to avoid smells that are uncomfortable for the people, you can find this articles at a pet store.Artificial synthetic dog running area in Lafayette

However the fake grass provide several advantages to our pets, as an example the fake grass does not get dirty easily, therefore the dog or the cat will not make a mess in the house, which is very common with the regular grass, mud is the most common natural substance that the pets bring into the house.

Another benefit of the fake lawns is its sturdiness, as an example the dog’s pee is not capable of damaging or discolouring it. The synthetic grass deals easily with cleaning substances like mild soap, water mixed with white vinager, or disinfectants. There are other products that may be used for the care of the lawn, however, it is not recommended to apply strong substance because might affect the color of the lawn; try new products first in a small area, to be sure that the product doesn’t damage the grass.

Artificial turf also provides a very important benefit to our pets, due to the inorganic matter of the turf, this carries no life of bugs or another organism within it, therefore the pet can lay in the grass with no risk of getting bugs like fleas, parasites, tick and others, or get diseases that in the regular grass would affect our pets.

The products that we provide in Better Than Real Artificial Grass are recommended and fulfill with all the essential requirements to make our pets play in a healthy environment.

The grasses from Better Than Real Artificial Grass are very easy to maintain, there is no need of cutting or watering them; this is one more of the many advantages that the synthetic grass provides, unlike the regular grass that needs much attention and a good quantity of time.

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