What is the best fake grass to buy for residential and commercial locations?

If you’re a homeowner, you have lots of responsibilities, and taking care of your lawn is one of them. Lawn maintenance is time-consuming and expensive, and mowing the grass isn’t all that’s involved; you’ll also need to rake leaves, plant seeds, and fertilize and water the grass.

But, there’s a way to avoid spending all that time and expense — a much easier way to have a beautiful lawn: artificial grass, aka, synthetic grass. If you’re not exactly sure what artificial grass looks like, think of it as a large rug or mat that resembles grass in color and texture. You just install it wherever you want (most likely in your yard or other outdoor areas), and in minutes you’ll have a gorgeous green lawn!

Where else can you install artificial grass?

In addition to your backyard, there are many other places where artificial turf can be installed in both residential and commercial properties.

Residential Areas

Below are some other residential areas where you can install artificial grass:

Commercial Areas

Here are some examples of public and commercial enterprises that typically use fake grass:

Advantages of Artificial Grass

1. No Maintenance
Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance, which saves time.

2. Eliminates Puddling
Avoid puddles in areas that generally accumulate water after rains, such as grooves, uneven surfaces, and indented regions of the lawn.

3. No Mud or Grass Stains
No matter how long children and pets play on the lawn, you’ll never have to deal with mud or grass stains on their shoes or clothes. On a natural lawn, you can expect not only to have stains on clothing, but you’ll also be dealing with tracked-in dirt, mud, and grass on your indoor floors.

4. Pet-Friendly and Safe for Kids
You won’t have to use anti-bacterial products, fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals, making your artificial grass safe both for pets and children.

Types of Artificial Grass

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