Renew your garden with artificial grass: Seaside project in Novato, CA

Seaside project (the beach is right next to this property!) with 1700sq feet to be used for family enjoyment and their pets.

Before the dog’s urine was damaging the natural grass, now this will be avoided since our grass is pet friendly, odor-free, and ideal for this type of environment with pets, to prevent bad odors and dirt inside the house.

We used fescue blend on this installation and, also, something important we didn’t work directly with the owner but, instead, we were hired by a landscape contractor who we worked together in the past.

At the end of the project, both the owner and the contractor were super happy!  So we can work with contractors as well, no problem.

Seaside project in Novato

If you need to offer our services and then hire us to do the work, no problem.  Let’s talk!

This beautiful project is located in Novato, Marin County, California.

We can make your project come true as well!!  Let us know your requirement!

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